The 2016 Tax Season by the Numbers

135.6 million
The number of tax returns the IRS has received as of April 18.

17 million
Procrastinators who waited until the last 24 hours before the due date to file.
   Why do people wait until the last minute to file their taxes?

$268.3 Billion
The amount of tax over-paid by Americans through 2016, resulting in 97 million refunds.

The average tax return amount this year.
   Is getting a tax refund really a good thing?

11.6 million
The number of extensions filed by US taxpayers, which allows you to hold off on filing your tax return until October 16. (any tax due should have been estimated and paid by April 18.)
   More about tax extensions from CEA. 

Percentage of electronic tax filers who used a professional tax preparer.
   How do you know if you need professional tax help?

Over 300 million
Visits to IRS website this season.  See for yourself the wealth of information you can find at

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