Late Tax Filing and Late Tax Payment Penalties

Get the facts about late tax filing and late tax payment penalties from the IRS. Here are seven important points about penalties for filing or paying your taxes late: If you requested an extension to file your individual income tax return and paid at least 90 percent of the taxes you owe with your request, you may not face a late payment penalty. However, you must … [Read more...]

Need more time to file your taxes? Consider an extension.

Life can be hectic and to-do lists get overwhelming. It’s time to see where filing your taxes is on that list before the April 15 deadline sneaks up on you. If you can’t get your federal taxes completed by April 15, you can file for an automatic six-month extension to give yourself time to finish them. It is important to remember that an extension is only an extension … [Read more...]

What to Do if You Missed the Tax Deadline

Did you miss the April 15th tax deadline? The IRS offers solutions. IRS Tax Tip 2014-58 - Tips for Taxpayers Who Missed the Tax Deadline - April 18, 2014 - If you missed the April 15 tax deadline, don’t panic. Here’s some advice from the IRS. • File as soon as you can.  If you owe taxes, you should file and pay as soon as you can. This will help minimize the interest … [Read more...]