How to Deal With an IRS Audit – Don’t Go it Alone!

According to the IRS, less than 1% of all individual income tax returns are audited each year. While that is good news for most people, some taxpayers are more vulnerable than others. For starters, the IRS is more likely to audit taxpayers who report high incomes because that’s where larger amounts of underpaid taxes might be found. The latest numbers from the IRS … [Read more...]

What to do if you get a letter from the IRS.

The IRS mails millions of notices and letters to taxpayers each year. There are a variety of reasons why you might get a notice. Here are 10 tips to know in case you get one. 1. Don’t panic. You often can take care of a notice simply by responding to it. 2. An IRS notice typically will be about your federal tax return or tax account. It will be about a specific issue, … [Read more...]

Audit Settlement Program from the IRS

The Internal Revenue Service announced this week they are implementing a nation-wide program that expedites settlements for small businesses being audited by the IRS. The program is called Fast Track, and it was created to help small businesses and self-employed people have the same alternatitive dispute rights that big businesses have had for years. Under the Fast Track … [Read more...]