Plan Now for Next Year’s Taxes

Seven Great Ways to Be Ready for Next Year's Tax Season. Most people stop thinking about taxes after they file their tax return. But, there's no better time to start tax planning than right now. And, it's never too early to set up a smart record keeping system. Here are six tips to help you start to plan for next year's taxes: 1. Take action when life changes occur. … [Read more...]

Above-the-Line Tax Deductions

There are a series of income adjustments you can take on the bottom of page 1 of your Form 1040 or Form 1040A. These adjustments, which reduce the taxable income you’ll declare, are known as above-the-line deductions—you enter them just above the last line on the page, where you report your adjusted gross income (AGI). Above-the-line deductions offer two key advantages. … [Read more...]

Carpenter Evert’s Top Ten Tax Tips for 2014

The Internal Revenue Service is providing tax tips on its website at  the IRS website between now and April 15 on a wide range of tax subjects. Carpenter, Evert and Associates has put together our top ten favorite IRS tax preparation tips for you. Carpenter Evert’s Top Ten Tax Tips for 2014:  How to Choose Professional Tax Services  Make sure you are hiring the right … [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Tax Filing Status?

IRS Tax Tip #7 from Carpenter, Evert and Associates – Your Tax Filing Status Request a free tax organizer from Carpenter, Evert and Associates Not sure what filing status to use when you file your taxes? The IRS has some helpful guidelines: Choosing the Right Filing Status - Using the correct filing status is very important when you file your tax return. You need … [Read more...]

Help with Taxes – The IRS Top 10 Tips

The Internal Revenue Service is providing daily tax tips on its website at  the IRS website. The tax tips will be published daily between now and April 15, covering a wide range of tax subjects: Errors to avoid when preparing your taxes Making the most of tax deductions and credits How to choose a tax preparer E-Filing your taxes - how-tos How to file for an … [Read more...]

How to Find an Honest Tax Preparer

Carpenter, Evert and Associates is a certified public accounting firm in Bloomington, Minnesota. Because of our experience and training, we understand the importance of hiring a well-qualified company to do your tax preparation. CPAs are experts in tax preparation and planning, and can give you the highest level of service available. The IRS has released a list of helpful … [Read more...]

Need Professional Tax Help?

 The Tax Checklist from Carpenter, Evert and Associates can help you decide if it's time to hire a tax professional. To make the most out of your tax deductions, get a free Tax Organizer from Carpenter Evert. Tax preparation was easy when we were in our 20s. Grab your W-2, a 1040EZ form, and you were done in 15 minutes. As life gets more complicated, so does tax … [Read more...]