Cloud - man in desk on topCloud accounting is getting more popular, especially with small businesses. A variety of services are available online, including monthly accounting, payroll, and invoicing. With all these choices, a business can be tempted to think they can replace their accountant with cloud accounting.

In a recent blog post on Huffington Post, Kirk Simpson, the CEO and co-founder of Wave, gives five reasons you should absolutely not fire your accountant. His company, Wave, provides cloud-based software that “gives you the ability to control your invoicing, accounting, payroll and payment processing, all in one application.” Wave’s cloud accounting is geared toward the small-small business with 0-9 employees. Check out their great looking website at www.waveapps.com.  With all that Wave has to offer, Mr. Simpson still insists that businesses should work with an accounting professional. His top five reasons include:

  1. Automated software and cloud accounting can only take you so far.
  2. You don’t know what you don’t know.
  3. Having an accountant do your taxes could reduce your chances of an audit.
  4. An accountant can offer guidance on the future of your business.
  5. Good business is more than plus and minus.

To read the complete article and get more info on cloud accounting, go to Five Reasons Not to Fire Your Accountant

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