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It’s National Small Business Week!

Sponsored by the Small Business Administration, this week celebrates the American entrepreneurial spirit with events throughout the country and access to vital information that every small business owner needs.

Whether you’re starting a new business or managing an existing one, you need as many resources as possible to help you navigate. Here, we have compiled some of the top places to go when you have questions. These resources will be there for you year-round, providing the most up-to-date answers for your business.SB 3

Small Business Administration at

The Small Business Administration was founded in 1953 to assist small businesses in getting a fair shot at government contracts. Later they began providing loans to entrepreneurs who would have otherwise been unable to get funding through conventional means.

Today, the SBA has expanded their services significantly to encourage small businesses in many areas: management assistance; specialized outreach to women, minorities and armed forces veterans; providing loans to victims of natural disasters; and specialized advice and assistance in international trade.

One of the best services the SBA offers is their Online Learning Center. They offer dozens of free courses on a wide variety of topics, like:

  • Buying a business
  • Getting a loan
  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer service
  • Cybersecurity

and much more. They also have great articles and videos on virtually every part of running a small business, from choosing your business structure to paying taxes. And if you register online, you will have access to tools that can help you manage tasks like writing your business plan and qualifying for government contracts.SB 4

The Online IRS Small Business Tax Center

Unlike the complicated instructions that often come with tax forms, the information on the IRS Small Business Tax Center site is easy to understand, informative, and covers a wide variety of topics helpful to small business owners. Some of the topics covered:

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Carpenter, Evert and Associates Online Library

CEA’s website is full of great information for entrepreneurs. We have hundreds of informative articles and offer advice on a variety of small business issues. Here are just a few:

If your small business needs help today, contact the small business experts at Carpenter, Evert and Associates. We have accounting, tax and advisory services that can help you build your best company.

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