Small businesses are turning to social media for networking opportunities more than ever. In the recent 2013 Small Business Technology Survey by the National Small Business Association ( , nearly 75% of small business owners use one or more social media sites on a regular basis.

Over 800 small business owners were asked, “Which of the following social media platforms do you utilize?” They were allowed to choose multiple platforms. The most popular answers were:

  1. LinkedIn – 57%
  2. Facebook – 50%
  3. Twitter – 26%
  4. Google + – 24%
  5. You Tube – 19%

A quarter of respondents said they don’t use social media at all for business, although that number is half of what it was in the 2010 version of the survey.

So, how do you know which social media sites are right for your business? It seems there are many different opinions on how to figure that out. Here are some great places to start, with opinions from bloggers around the web. Click on the titles to read more.

> Which Social Networks Should my Business Use? By Jackie Kaufenberg at Vivid Image. Includes 4 steps to choosing the right social networks.

> What Social Media Sites Should my Business be On? From Quintain Marketing. An interesting look at what matters when it comes to social media marketing.

> Which Social Media Channels Should I Use for My Business? From Goes in-depth to describe the most popular social media networks.

For a copy of the complete NSBA survey, click here > > NSBA 2013 Small Business Technology Survey

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