Help with Taxes – The IRS Top 10 Tips

10 - red numberThe Internal Revenue Service is providing daily tax tips on its website at  the IRS website. The tax tips will be published daily between now and April 15, covering a wide range of tax subjects:

  • Errors to avoid when preparing your taxes
  • Making the most of tax deductions and credits
  • How to choose a tax preparer
  • E-Filing your taxes – how-tos
  • How to file for an extension on your taxes
  • The fastest way to get your tax refund

Carpenter, Evert and Associates will bring you our favorite top ten IRS tax preparation tips over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, check out these You Tube videos on a variety of tax topics, from the IRS:

The IRS has short and informative YouTube videos on a number of tax-related topics in English, Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL). The channels have received nearly 6.5 million views:

Do-It-Yourself Free Tax Preparation ─ Helps taxpayers find free help from certified volunteers to electronically file tax returns. Taxpayers interested in helping their own communities can also watch a video to learn about becoming involved in the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs.

Do I Have to File Taxes? ─ Learn about the requirements for filing a tax return, including income limits and age, and why taxpayers may want to file even if they don’t have to.

How to Get 1040 Tax Forms ─ Provides tips on the quickest way to get the various 1040 forms on

Income Tax Scams ─ Offers some tips on how to protect personal information and avoid becoming a tax scam victim.

Record-keeping for your taxes ─ Learn which financial and tax files to keep and how long to keep them.

Choosing a Professional Tax Service  ─ Hear some useful tips for choosing a reputable tax preparer.

If you need help right now, contact your tax expert at Carpenter, Evert and Associates at (952) 831-0085. Not sure if you need professional help? Answer these questions to see if you need help with your taxes.

Carpenter, Evert and Associates Top Ten Tax Tips for 2014:

  1. How to Choose Professional Tax Services
  2. Are you Eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit?
  3. Tax Return Information is Now at Your Fingertips  
  4. Don’t Miss Out on Important Tax Credits
  5. Tax Benefits for Parents
  6. How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Your Taxes?
  7. Do you Know Your Tax Filing Status?
  8. What to Know About Declaring your Tips 
  9. Taxable and Nontaxable Income – What’s the Difference? 
  10. Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions

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