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We often view the IRS as the bad guy, lurking in the shadows and waiting to jump out and spring a tax audit on us.

Actually, the IRS can be quite helpful to businesses and individuals when it comes to tax information.  Their website,, has a huge amount of information that can answer our tax questions in simple terms that we can understand.  All the information discussed here, including calculators, newsletters, and interactive online tools, is available free of charge.

Here are some great examples of how the IRS really can help you. Just click on any title to go directly to the IRS page:

Forms Center Get printable tax forms for the current year and for past years. Online forms include all the latest revisions and updates.

Withholding Calculator This handy online calculator will assist you in filling out your Form W-4 to determine how much is withheld from your paycheck for taxes.

Order a Transcript –  You can order a copy of past tax returns or other IRS account information directly from this link.

Tax Trails Interactive online tool that can help answer general tax questions and get information on tax credits, estimated tax, amended returns, extensions, and much more.

Interactive Tax Assistant This online tool answers your tax law questions by taking you through a series of questions, then coming up with the best answers.

Small Business and Self-Employed Tax Center Affordable Care Act provisions, employee classifications, forms, Medicare, newsletters, tax liens.  A – Z tax information for small businesses and the self-employed.

Subscription Services Newsletters and bulletins related to all things IRS, including the latest news, tax tips, payroll tax returns, corporate news, and retirement plans, among many others.

An important note – to get accurate information, make sure to use the internet address Other extensions like .com or .org will send you to websites that look like the IRS but aren’t.  These sites often want to charge you for services that can be found for free at  Type carefully!

All the above information comes from the official Internal Revenue Service website, www.irs.govIRS

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